Marquee Casting - Los Angeles Studio

9028 Lindblade Street, 
Culver City, CA 90232
We are a brand new facility with the latest in cutting edge technology. Our focus is comfort and high tech equipment. Every stage is completely sound proof with air lock entries.  All of our HD studio cameras are patched into a state of the art com-closet that provides a live video feed of the stage’s activities to any office in the studio. We are wired with top quality CAT-6 high-speed internet cabling and have Wi-Fi available throughout the building. A complimentary bagel and coffee breakfast as well as snack and drink services are provided for Call Backs.
  • The Main stage is entirely sound proofed with 22ft. wide acoustically angled walls, a 3 wall Cyclorama available in stark white or Chroma-Key.
  • Two audio patch panels accessible from the stage, lead to an included control room.
  • Pre-lit and mic’d for Casting Sessions. LA Casting and Fast Capture software are available.
  • High speed digital Polycom Video Conferencing System connecting to locations all over the world.
  • Sound proofed stage with an air lock entry and separate control room. Three individual foley pits and a digital projector for ADR recordings.

Ideal spaces for conference meetings, wardrobe fittings, holding areas, post work stations.

Cameras, tripods, dollys, jib arms, fig-rig, underwater housing, wireless lavs, shotgun mics, lights, c-stands etc ….